Dangers of Painful Fingers & Hands

Debra Murray |

Anyone who suffers daily from throbbing fingers and hands as a result of inflammation and arthritis increases their risk of experiencing other accidents. Because fingers and hands that hurt andfeel swollen have less mobility and flexibility, an individual is more at risk of dropping plates of hot food or hot cups of coffee, causing skin burns. Painful fingers and hands have less ability to grip items firmly and can cause a person to easily lose their grasp on a railing, causing a fall resulting in a sprain or broken bone. Painful fingers and hands can create danger in the bathroom because a person cannot easily grip safety bars when entering or exiting the shower or tub, resulting in harmful slips and falls.

In order to eliminate the dangers of painful fingers and hands, there are a number of simple things to do on a daily basis to help ease the inflammation and pain.


  • Rather than turning to expensive prescription drugs, try a safe over- the- counter topical medication that offers quick relief from inflammation and swelling.
  • While sitting and watching television, massage your fingers and hands slowly and methodically to help increase the blood flow which has a natural healing action on pain.
  • Pick up an inexpensive rubber ball and spend a few minutes each day squeezing and then releasing the ball. This provides great exercise for painful fingers and hands and helps to strengthen the hands at the same time it increases mobility and dexterity.


One of the main reason that fingers and hands hurt is that the cartilage in the joints begins to deteriorate as we age, and the connective tissue in between our joints becomes less elastic and flexible.

Joint Support by BLUESpring is an easy-to-take at home daily supplement that contains a special blend of more than a dozen all-natural ingredients designed to help your body maintain healthy and flexible joints as well as increased mobility, helping you take your first step to saying goodbye to joint pain and stiffness.

Taking Joint Support on a regular basis not only helps the body build healthier cartilage in the fingers and hands, it also strengthens their connective tissues.

As a result, your fingers and hands feel less painful and inflamed and it becomes much easier to grasp things, pick up items and go about your daily routine without worrying about the dangers posed by having painful fingers and hands.