Dangers of Fragile Bones

Dangers of Fragile Bones

Debra Murray

As men and women continue to age, their bones become less dense and much weaker. Bones that become weaker are also more porous, a condition known as osteoporosis.Almost one out of two women over 50 and one out of every four men are likely to suffer a fall or a fracture due to the fragile bones that are a symptom of osteoporosis. There are numerous dangers associated with allowing the bones of the body to become fragile, either due to inactivity, aging or failing to supply the body with the proper nutrients and nutrition for good bone health.

Undetected bone fractures are one of the greatest dangers of fragile bones. Many individuals experience back or hip pain without realizing that fragile bones have caused them to suffer a fracture in the vertebrae of the spine. Poor posture is another danger of fragile bones as the spinal vertebrae are no longer able to support the weight of the body in a proper, balanced fashion.

Fragile bones greatly increase the risk of falling. Men and women whose bones are not strong are more likely to lose their balance, fall down and experience even greater health problems when they sprain a wrist, fracture an arm or actually suffer a broken collarbone or leg. This could require expensive surgery and a long period of recuperation. 

In addition, fragile bones increase the likelihood of other poor bone health medical conditions developing. These are diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis and disorders affecting the body's hormonal system.

A downward health spiral often starts after a fracture or break. An individual tends to become less active, which is turn starts a downward cycle because regular activity and exercise is put aside in order to tend to the fractured or broken bone. This in turn weakens the body's overall immune response to ward off other diseases and medical conditions.

Bone Support is an all-natural dietary supplement made using a proprietary blend of natural ingredients designed to aid the body in supporting healthy bone density even after the age of 50. It is a convenient and affordable way to greatly reduce the possibility of sustaining a fall, fracture or broken bone due to the fragility that occurs when bones become more porous due to the aging process. Bone Support has been proven safe and effective for daily use by both men and women against the dangers posed by fragile bones.




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