Breaking Health News on Holiday Weight Gain

Breaking Health News on Holiday Weight Gain

Debra Murray



Excess weight gain can cause many health problems you may have overlooked. In addition to cardiac stress, excess weight can take a heavy toll on joints and muscles which can cause unnecessary aches and pains. When it comes to losing weight, it is very important to do so safely and naturally.  


Herbal supplements and remedies are the best way to attack weight gain at its source and lose unwanted pounds. 


With the holiday season among us, it is essential to take extra special care of your health. BLUESPRING offers several natural supplements geared toward healthy weight management.  


Support Your Thyroid

BLUESPRING's Thyroid Support is a specially formulated combination of herbs, botanical extracts, and nutrients that helps regulate proper thyroid function. The thyroid functions mainly to increase the metabolic rate in the body. The thyroid gland plays an important role in the majority of the body’s processes. Thyroid Support Formula works to support healthy thyroid function, increase metabolism, and relieve stress.


Boost Your Mood 

Mood Support from BLUESPRING is designed to help elevate your mood and give your body what it needs to regulate moods naturally. For many people, the holidays are a stressful time between family vacations, entertaining friends and extended family, and managing a good work-life balance. And those are just the positive aspects that can be stressful! When you mix in financial struggles, the emotional toll of losing loved ones you are no longer able to celebrate the holidays with, and changes in family situations that can add awkwardness and drama to an already hectic time of year, stress and depression are known to spike during the holiday season. Mood Support can help you stay on an even keel through the rough waves and weather the ups and downs a little better.


Your Best Night's Sleep 

Sleep is also key to managing stressful times with grace. Many people lose sleep when plans are falling apart or you haven't reached a solution for the imminent challenges yet, but lack of sleep will only compound the difficulty of thinking clearly and giving your best to the issues at hand. A natural sleep aid such as Sleep Support from BLUESPRING can help your body dial down when it is time for sleep so that you can tackle tomorrow's problems head on. With herbs to relax the body's stress response, you can sleep through the night without drowsiness or complications the next day.


These natural formulas from BLUESPRING are a great way to maximize your health and get your weight back on track. The holidays are a challenge for the body, but with Thyroid Support, Mood Support, and Sleep Support you can focus on enjoying time with family. Their formulas are created to maximize your body’s natural processes which is the safest and healthiest way to manage your weight. Spend the holidays stress-free, and let BLUESPRING help you lose unnecessary weight.   



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