Avoid the Fatigue of OTC Sleep Aids

Avoid the Fatigue of OTC Sleep Aids

Debra Murray



There are many causes of sleep disorders and many factors that contribute to their severity.  


If you are looking for an all-natural, safe and effective way to get to sleep and stay asleep – this may be the help you need.  Avoid the feelings of sedation, drowsiness and “morning after” fatigue that often accompany taking many over-the counter sleep aids.    


Sleep Support Formula is made from a unique combination of natural ingredients that provide support for a good night’s sleep without unpleasant side effects. These natural ingredients will help your body work better plus Sleep Support Formula: 

  • Supports the onset of sleep 
  • Enhances sleep quality 
  • Promotes restful sleep 
  • Enhances relaxation 
  • Provides healthy normal sleep 



“Sleep is something that most of us take for granted, but sleep disorders are more common and more hazardous than many people realize,” said Dr. Iwona Rawinis, Medical Director of The Center for Sleep Medicine at New Island Hospital. 


People in pain often have a harder time sleeping. The lack of sleep contributes to the pain and pain contributes to the lack of sleep. Sleep Support can help stop this downward spiral and help your body to regain balance to better manage pain.   


This is a big step in lifestyle improvement that can lead to being pain free. 


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not inteneded to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  



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