Gugulipid Resin Extract And Thyroid Health Study

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Gugulipid, also known as "commiphora mukul", has been shown to increase the product of triiodothyronine. Triiodothyronine is a key thyroid hormone that is also known as T3, and it plays an important role in healthy thyroid function. In order for the thyroid gland to function at a healthy level, it needs to produce a large and consistent amount of T3. 


In 1999, the School Of Life Sciences did an important study on the positive effects of Gugulipid extracts on the production of T3 and T4 in the thyroid. 


If a person's thyroid hormone seems to be producing less T3 than it should, this study clearly shows that Guglipid can help significantly.


Working In 15 Days Or Less

During the study, a group of people were given a dosage of gugulipid extract that amounted to 0.2g of gugulipid per kilogram of body weight for 15 days, and a control group was given a placebo during the same 15 days for comparison.


After 15 days, the group that had been given dosages of gugulipid extract had significantly higher T3 levels, and as a result, their thyroid function was beginning to improve. This indicates that gugulipid works quickly to increase T3 levels, and had the study continued, T3 levels would have likely risen much higher.


Increasing T4 Levels

Along with T3, T4 is also an important hormone for healthy thyroid function. T4, also known as thyroxine, is actually the prohormone to T3. During the study, Gugulipid did not increase levels of T4; however, some researchers and scientists have speculated that Gugulipid extracts may just take longer to stimulate the production of T4.


Measuring The Effects of T3

In addition to the increased levels of T3 production, researchers measured the overall conditions of the patients. As a thyroid hormone, T3 has many important functions throughout the body, and researchers can use certain tests to measure how T3 is affecting a person's body after increased production.


As T3 levels rose, all of the positive effects of T3 were noted in the patients, and this is an important sign that the T3 production was increasing steadily, and it also shows that the extract did not just cause a quick spike in T3. T3 production was consistent and very effective in the bodies of the people in the study.


Converting More T4 To T3

In 2012, another study was done by Douglas Laboratories. Douglas Laboratories clearly measured increases in the conversion of the prohormone T4 into the active hormone T3 due to daily usage of Gugulipid extracts. These increased conversion rates could indicate that Gugulipid extracts do actually increase the production of T4 as well as T3; however, the increase in T4 production may not have been noted because it was being converted into T3 by the body so quickly.


According to several studies, Gugulipid extracts can help the thyroid produce more T3 and T4. It also seems that dosages of Gugulipid extract help the body convert T4 into T3 more quickly and more effectively. According to these studies, the effects of consistent doses of Gugulipid extracts may be very beneficial to the thyroid, and they may greatly augment the production of these key thyroid hormones both in the short-term and in the long-term.






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