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Back Ache

Katie Hightower |

Bad to the Bone: Back Aches and How to Conquer Them You’re in the yard, watering your flowers and enjoying the sun, when suddenly you feel it. A small twitch of pain in your lower back. Your hand flies to your lower vertebrae, as you carefully shut off the water, trying not to move too quickly.   For many people, back pain is sudden and unannounced. It can come and go without reason, making it hard to go about your typical daily routines and sometimes even being severe enough to force you into bed. An aching, painful back can be...

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Katie Hightower |

The “How”s and “Why”s of Bruising Many people experience the encumbrance of bruising. Whether you’ve bumped into something while walking or taken a tumble, you can be at risk for those tender black and blue marks.   Why Do We Bruise? A bruise occurs when the blood vessels underneath the skin break and leak blood into the affected area, showing a purple/blue or green hue. Then the body works to heal that area and reabsorb that blood, causing the bruise to fade.   There are many reasons why bruising can occur. Web MD lists several different factors that can affect...

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Ballroom Dancing

Debra Murray |

Waltz Your Way to Fitness with Ballroom Dancing Ballroom dancing, a popular activity worldwide, is fun and easy for people of all ages. There are international and regional contests for couples to enter and win prizes. While ballroom dancing may have originated in Europe long ago, it has spread to other countries, including China where people dance in city parks for exercise. Everyone enjoys ballroom dancing because it has both simple movements appropriate for amateurs, and complex movements appropriate for experts. Today, there are television programs devoted to celebrities competing in dancing contests, including ballroom dancing.    Physical Fitness and...

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